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December 30 2009

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December 28 2009

December 02 2009

November 07 2009

Tea Party

Cephalopod Tea Party

Made by Liz of R Honey Pots, its just what you need to have a cephalopod tea party! Check out Liz's gallery for some other tentacled tableware including plates and mugs. And once again our squid hats are off to R Honey Pots for making the extra effort to include some less popular cephalopods - we know octopi are awesome folks but squid, cuttlefish and nautilus need some attention too!
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September 14 2009

June 21 2009

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May 24 2009

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I want to go through the photo and pet it. fact.

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May 22 2009

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May 14 2009

May 09 2009

espresso and coffee cup by Maxim Velcovsky
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